fowlkill.jpg Occasionally, we at GameSetWatch get sucked into the world of slightly terrible press releases trying to cash in on video games, and such an item turned up via Marketwire this week, to whit: "Endavo Media and Communications, Inc. announced today the launch of its newest web-based community, Movies4Gamers ( Movies4Gamers, or M4G, will serve as an entertainment portal for the rapidly growing population of video game enthusiasts that will be marketed through various online, multiplayer gaming portals and industry media."

Well, sounds promising - maybe some G4-style content, right? Well... "Endavo also announced today it has signed a second agreement with Action Cat Entertainment LLC, a David Heavener company, to promote and offer specific action-thriller films from his content library to M4G members." What would that include? Perhaps classy new movies such as Fowl Kill (tagline: 'Birds of a feather, kill together'), PsychoWeeneee, or maybe the sci-fi comedy Amazon Women From Outer Space (which apparently has Worf in it?) Even better: "Initially, each Action Cat movie is expected to be offered at a price of $2.95." Sounds like perfect gamer-friendly fare - sign me up for a dozen!