wildtyc.jpg World, meet Andy Schatz. He's living the fast-and-loose, design-anything, ramen-heavy world of the carefree indie game developer, and rather than make something like G-Unit: Free Yayo, the ex-Presto and TKO Software veteran came up with PC title Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa, "a fast-paced sim game set in the African Serengeti. Players build a unique ecosystem by buying and breeding animals and by balancing the food and water needs of each diverse species", and has just released an updated playable demo for the game.

Wildlife Tycoon runs on GarageGames' Torque game engine, and was also entered into the Independent Games Festival this year, for which finalists are due to be announced in the next few days. Schatz was also recently profiled on his consumer predelictions for sister site Gamasutra, where he commented of his gaming likes: "Shadow of the Colossus was phenomenal, and I'm a big, dorky Dance Dance Revolution fan, both of which I appreciate for their ability to immerse." Still, nothing beats zebra-rearing, huh?