defcon.jpgf The chaps behind the critically snuggled Darwinia over at Introversion Software have released initial information on Defcon, their new PC RTS game, in the latest issue of the UK PC Gamer magazine. However, though the official Defcon website is pretty uninformative right now, there's information and screenshots on the new Wikipedia page for Defcon.

As explained: "Defcon is Introversion Software's third title. It is a primarily multi-player anti-war RTS based loosely on the 1983 film WarGames, where the main character played a game called 'Global Thermonuclear War'." Sound enticing? Well: "Players are given a dehumanised 1980s computer-themed world map with the objective to kill as many foreign citizens as possible with a variety of nuclear weapons. A typical game will see 'hundreds of millions' of innocent casualties." Sleek '80s-styled Cold War vector havoc with a Dr. Strangelove-ish undertone? Count us in.