sprung.jpg It's definitely a chart time of the year, and the folks at the UK Guardian Gamesblog start it off with a few personal top three games of 2005 from the writers and contributors to the excellent, literate UK newspaper video game section.

There are certainly a few unexpected choices, mind you - Aleks Krotoski goes for DS dating adventure game Sprung as her favorite, commenting: "The writing's superb, the tasks (flirt mercilessly, get boyfriend/girlfriend, ski) are silly, the potential for this game to utterly twist social relationships into a strange husk of their formal selves", and Nick Gillett plumps for Xbox title Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, suggesting: "Like Fable, this is a game you feel you slightly live in after extended trips through its beautifully rendered alien Wild West. You come for the Halo-esque tactical battles; you stay for the non-intrusive, expertly told story with a very neat and playable twist." Otherwise, World Of Warcraft, Resident Evil 4, and other obvious pieces of smartness make more expected appearances.