atari-xmas.jpg Everyone likes retro goodness around the holiday season, and, thanks to GamingSteve, we can now remember Christmas Past with scans of the 1982 Atari Club Christmas Catalog.

As the swarthy Steve squawks: "This 8-page catalog of gaming goodness was bundled inside the September/October 1982 edition of Atari Age Magazine and features some rather odd gift choices. An Atari plastic inflatable kite? An Atari space telescope? An Atari "Super Sports Wallet"? Err ... okay, if you say so. But check out page four of the catalog which has some "choice" items. A Breakout cap and scarf! The "official" Berzerk T-shirt! An Atari duffel bag! Damn, I wonder if that 1-800 number still works?" Wow, let's take a closer look at that Atari-branded Astroscan telescope, surely made solely for the terminally rich early '80s protogeek. But daddy, I want a pony!