grumpy.jpg Ron 'Grumpy Gamer' Gilbert has released the latest 'Grumpy Gamer' Flash cartoon, this time dealing with what Santa doesn't bring to game developers (even though he's nice to little children, the scoundrel!). The answer seems to be - the chance to create original, compelling video games?

One can't help feeling that the self-avowed "often incoherent and bitter ramblings" of Monkey Island creator and Humongous co-founder Gilbert are, in this case, at least semi-autobiographical. The 'Grumpy Gamer' sitting on Santa's lap complains: "I just want to make something with great design, good writing, humor and characters in a rich, interesting world", and is rebuffed at every opportunity by Father Xmas, who seems to be, we don't know, some kind of cipher for game publishers?