getlamp.jpg Jason Scott, the creator of the BBS Documentary multi-DVD series, recently announced that his latest magnum opus will be Get Lamp, a documentary "about the story of the text adventure, a genre of game that flourished commercially in the early 1980s, with roots reaching many years before and with rebirths and innovations sprouting from it to the present day."

Even better for those wanting to support such a worthy endeavor, Scott has opened the Get Lamp Adventurer's Club, wherein trusty travelers can pay $100 to help the film-maker get new camera equipment and deal with preliminary expenses, and in return get "a copy of the BBS Documentary DVD, including shipping, sent immediately... three copies of the DVD/product of Get Lamp, when finished... [and] your name in the credits of the Get Lamp documentary." The project is expected to be filmed in 2006, and expect plenty of Infocom love, as well as some serious spelunking.