hitmythl.jpg Although its recent executive shenanigans have led many to believe that handheld Gizmondo game system isn't necessary in the best of health, there's still game development for the Giz going on in the U.S. This comes in the shape of Hit & Myth, a pop-culture filled, tongue in cheek action title in development at Gizmondo Studios Texas, further described on the homepage of senior designer Wynne McLaughlin.

The developer, formerly Fever Pitch and Warthog Texas before the change, rents an old theater as its office, and has lots of fun switching out the marquee, according to an Austin Metroblogging post from early this year. Screenshots of Hit & Myth itself reveal that humor is certainly intended to be a central part of the game. Howver, Viridian, another developer on the game, recently commented that the game is "kind of in limbo". But, since new previews are now popping up, we can presume it may debut pretty soon - perhaps an obscure title to watch for?