diamond.jpg Game Tycoon's David Edery weighs in on the debate over pre-owned games with a well-reasoned contribution to the discussion, in which he suggests: "People feel entitled to buy and sell used goods. If game publishers clamp down on the practice, they risk offending the mass market in the same way that music publishers managed to."

But it's a comment by 'Ivy' which compresses the problem away from its coal base, as it's suggested: "Diamonds are one example of durable physical goods with no aftermarket, which is almost entirely due to a brilliant (heh) advertising campaign by De Beers in the 1930s that imbued the gems with high emotional value that prevented reselling them. If publishers manage to create a similar non-tangible value around games, the problem will be solved."

So there - we just have to figure out a way to make games impossible to part with, they'll be... impossible to part with. [Yes, we know the above picture is an _emerald_, but it's all we could find on short notice.]