ml.jpg Over at, there's a charming editorial by Ted Rueter, Assistant Professor of Political Science at DePauw University, who starts his anti-game education screed with the somewhat overwrought: "Video game design as a college major? It's yet another sign of the coming of the apocalypse. Schools of higher learning are simply cashing in on a fad that is destructive to society." He continues: "Offering degrees in video game design is to kidnap American education. Higher education needs to be rescued from such destructive nonsense."

Fortunately, Rueter has seized on a particular player in the market that he obviously sees as particularly destructive: "In addition, the content of video games may influence children's atititudes toward gender roles. In Nintendo games, women are often depicted as victims. The covers of Nintendo games show males striking a dominant pose. Many games are based upon a scenario in which a woman is kidnapped or has to be rescued." Well, obviously, the Senate outcry over the extremely controversial Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time has been intense of late, but apart from that? Feel free to read the whole article for a little more much-needed eye-opening.