kunkel.jpg Sister site Gamasutra has just updated with an in-depth interview with 'Game Doctor' Bill Kunkel, catching up with the co-founder of 'Electronic Games', the world's first consumer magazine dedicated entirely to video games.

Kunkel has some great things to say on the early days of the industry, particularly his note that the arcade business "got suckered into laserdisc games", helping bring on 1984's video game crash, but is even more caustic on today's market, commenting: "The Xbox 360, to me...it's a very questionable system and a very questionable idea. I say, let these system have ten years, let developers find all the little tricks. It's like if you're a painter, and they give you a million more colors to paint with every three years. 'But I need time to experiment with all these colors!' you might say. No. The canvas keeps getting bigger, and ideas are getting smaller. There are so many sequels, and so few new ideas."" Also - get off his lawn!