gameDesignComplete.gifParaglyph Press, publishers of Raph Koster's excellent "A Theory of Fun For Game Design," has published what it proudly calls "the Bible for the game design industry." Properly-entitled "Game Design Complete," the new book was written by Patrick O'Luanaigh, currently Creative Director for London's SCi Games. Game Design Complete aims to cover the game design process from concept to finished product, and is supported by interviews with game luminaries Noah Falstein, Richard Leibowitz, Ben Gunstone, Tim Wright, Simon Andreasen, Dax Ginn, Toby Gard, Andrew Oliver, Raph Koster, Alex Ward, Maryam Bazargan, Chris Nuttall, Ian Baverstock, Tim Heaton, and Dr. Ian Bogost.

Judging by Game Design Complete's seemingly practical/tactical focus (see a list of the contents below the cutline), it appears as though it may be a fine companion to Koster's Theory of Fun. But to rely on a single design book as Bible? In the game design pantheon, there's room for more than one god--it's the false idols you have to worry about.

"Game Design Complete" Table of Contents

Part I. Constraints or Opportunities
1. Getting Back to the Basics of Great Game Design
2. Licensed to Thrill
3. The Art (and Challenge) of Designing for Game Platforms
4. A Break from the Norm

Part II. Core Gameplay
5. Designing Camera Systems
6. Control Systems
7. Designing Characters
8. Game Environments and Level Design

Part III. Design Challenges
9. Online Gaming
10. Designing Sequels
11. Advergaming and Sponsorships
12. Audio

Part IV. A Smarter Designer
13. Market Research and Focus Groups
14. Design Teams, Prototypes, and Pitching
15. Designing Seriously Serious Games

Part V. If All Else Fails…
16. Disaster Management
17. The Final Chapter