marspeople.jpg Those gleefully sardonic video game importers of choice at National Console Support have just received the Japanese PlayStation 2 version of SNK's Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, and present detailed information on the all-star SNK 2D fighter to accompany its release. Well, maybe not entirely all-star...: "Famous and familiar fighters include Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yamagami from King of Fighters while we throw Kisarah Westfield from Toukai Gan Gan and Cyber Woo from King of the Monsters in the forgotten pile... A total of 40 fighters from many SNK games are featured and we're thankful that no one from Ragnagard made the roster to stink up the joint."

Originally released in the arcade, the home conversion (hopefully coming to the West?) enables players to check out a number of the wackier characters from non-fighting games, too - we were particularly enchanted that the 'Mars People' aliens from the Metal Slug series made an appearance - there's nothing like Shuma-Gorath-lookalike fighting game characters to brighten your day, eh?