ffxi.jpg Or even expired? IGN's reliable Japanese correspondent Anoop Gantayat has posted a lengthy discussion regarding Final Fantasy XI for Xbox 360, and lists a litany of issues, errors, and possible turn-offs based on his playing of the Japanese beta version. He explains of the complex log-in process: "Each time you want to play FFXI, you have to start up the Play Online browser. When you stick in your FFXI disk, Play Online is what automatically starts up, not FFXI. Get into the browser, and you need to log in. The browser prompts you to connect to your Xbox Live account -- silver or gold -- if you haven't done so already. Then, you need to select Final Fantasy XI from the list of games (the rest of the titles are for the PS2 and PC) and click through a couple of start-up messages, and at long last you can play."

This alone doesn't sound good, but Gantayat hammers a couple more nails in the coffin of the Xbox 360 SKU, noting: "In still shots, the game may look like it's been improved some over the PS2 title, but in motion, the changes don't make for a particularly attractive X360 showcase. The biggest culprit is frame rate, with the game chugging to keep up with large-scale environments and the large number of potential players, just like it did on the PS2. Character models and environmental detail are also too low for a reasonable next generation title." Ouch. Roll on a next-gen FFXIII MMO?