barryhatter.jpg A little birdie just pointed out that a new era in interactive entertainment will start this month, with the PAL launch of 'Barry Hatter: The Sorceror's Broomstick' for the PlayStation 2. Previously flying way, way under the radar (using magical measures), Scott Sharkey at 1UP has provided one of the only online previews, in which he notes: "I have absolutely no idea who Barry Hatter is, but I'm sure he has a difficult life. He's probably a very different person from that other kid, with his own distinct wants, dreams, and desires." The ever-reliable Frazer Nash Communications in the UK has the full box art and screens for Barry Hatter, which is developed by Rise Of The Robots favorites Data Design Interactive, and published by Metro3D. And, as the original announcement of the game explains, you can: "Fight for magical supremacy in the thrilling 'Orb Domination' levels and see who is the most skilled with a broomstick! Swipe the orbs from your opponents to claim a breath-taking victory." Absolutely nothing like Quidditch, then? Feel free to rate the chances of SCEA approving this one.