hsu.jpg Unfortunately, we don't check IDG's Games.net website that often, otherwise we would have come across Chris Cook's charged editorial on 'The Blame Game' sooner. The editorial addresses a piece by Ziff Davis' Dan 'Shoe' Hsu in the latest issue of EGM Magazine, in which 'Shoe' makes non-specific charges that U.S. gaming magazines and websites have been getting publisher advertising in return for exclusive and/or favorable coverage, commenting: "Those guys can kiss my ass . . . We've never been and never will be beholden to any outside party. If we miss out on some coverage...well, too bad--ultimately, they're punishing their own customers (you guys), not us."

In return, Games.net and GamePro's Chris 'Johnnyk' Cook counters: "It's how you react to this situation that says the most about your journalistic integrity. This is hardly a new problem, or one that's unique to EGM, so Hsu's observations come off as more vindictive than insightful", and the editorial's feedback section gets even more heated. 'Shoe' turns up to add a little cloak and dagger: "My sources told me this information under the conditions that I don't reveal their names or the parties in question, because it could get them fired", and GamePro's Funky Zealot also makes an appearance to get a little sassier still: "The problem with Hsu's piece is that it's essentially a generalization that bashes all competitors. If you're disappointed that Chris didn't call or write, I'm sure those mysterious pubs in question are disappointed that you didn't call or write, either. You've basically trashed all other pubs while having absolutely nothing to show for it."

Obviously, it's not clear who Dan was referring to (Future Publishing's titles and Game Informer are the other major U.S. print publications), but the end result of this particular entanglement? Nobody comes out looking that good.