eggchicken.jpg Good news, everybody! The latest PC title from Eric Zimmerman-headed NY indie developer gameLab and VC-funded casual game powerhouse PlayFirst has now been released, according to an awfully official looking press release, and it's the excellently named Egg Vs. Chicken - there's even a free PC demo for the intrigued.

Wait, let's excerpt some marketing copy: "It's "three-in-a-row" meets "protect the castle" in this hilariously clever, cracked-up combination of strategy and action puzzle. In Egg vs. Chicken a small team of runaway eggs takes on a mighty army of marauding chickens as it travels through time to resolve the ultimate riddle: "which came first?" Like a traditional slider puzzle, players must deftly slip their eggs into position, and then launch attacks against ruthless roosters and harrowing hens." Hah.

GameLab's previous game for PlayFirst, the '00s version of Tapper that is Diner Dash, was a bona fide smash hit in casual game terms, and this game looks, wait for it, 'eggstremely interesting'.