EDG157.jpg UK 'parish magazine' and respected game publication Edge has put a database of its review scores online, allowing interested geeks to find listings from all 157 issues and 1873 reviews ever printed in the magazine. According to official stats, 6.6 is the average score, and there's even a platform charts where you can see that the SNES is the best-rated platform of all time in terms of those with >15 Edge-reviewed games, with 24 reviews averaging 7.2.

Of course, the _actual_ best-rated platform of all time is DVD add-on oddity the Nuon, with precisely 1 game scoring an average of 9 - Jeff Minter's insane Tempest 3000, of course. The Amiga CD32 does pretty well too, with Captive II: Liberation the single CD32 review, and rated 8. Feel free to spend a few hours combing the score listings (which unfortunately don't come with any associated review text), and complaining about why ICO only got 8, whether Gran Turismo deserved a 10, etc, etc, ad infinitum.