cheese.jpg The folks at 1UP have reprinted an EGM story regarding some of the coolest Easter Eggs in your favorite video games. Games cited include the obvious (Super Mario Bros), but also some less remarked-on extras, including the following for Rare's original N64 version of Perfect Dark: "Rare stashed a single wedge of cheese in almost every level of the main game. The wedges serve no purpose: You can't kill 'em, can't eat 'em-they're just there to find if you're paying close enough attention."

"'They were from a background [artist] who had finished all of his work but had too much time on his hands,' says Rare Designer Chris Tilston." Mm, cheese! Aw, but no room for the first-ever Easter Egg, as seen in the Atari 2600 classic Adventure? There's lots more info on Easter Eggs from the rather handy video game page.