murray.gif Over at GameSetWatch sister site Gamasutra, we have a new interview with author Michael Rubin about his book Droidmaker, described as: 'The inside story of George Lucas, his intensely private company, and their work to revolutionize filmmaking.'

Rubin is particularly interesting talking about Star Wars' influence on the company, commenting: "Personally, I think the best games to come from LucasArts were their original creations, like Maniac, Monkey Island, Zak, and so on... and it took them some time before HQ trusted the games guys enough even to let them create games based on the valuable assets of movie characters (the first test was Labyrinth, then an Indiana Jones game); but soon enough it made sense to have the Star Wars titles get generated internally. It sort of reminds me of an old adage about restaurants -- restaurants with a great view generally have lousy food. But people go for the view."