xjp.jpg Handy Hong Kong-based online game store Lik-Sang has published a massive Xbox 360 Japanese launch report, and cutely introduces the video/text festooned piece with: "Tim Rogers, who braved the cold and went on "36 hours without sleep mode" again for the occasion, reported a situation that fits with what we all came to expect: there wasn't such a big of a party going on and it was incomparable with crazy release days that Japan is known for when it comes to a new PlayStation, a new Nintendo system or even a new Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy opus." Take a deep breath!

There's a little more justification, though: "One might point out that this is not journalism in the traditional sense of the word, but it still paints a realistic picture of the "no rush" that surrounded the Xbox 360 appearance on the Japanese market. And then again Tim Rogers doesn't want to be called a "journalist" anyway, he just wants to be rockstar ;) You hear that, world - a rockstar!" The full 4,000+ words of rockstarularity is on the Lik-Sang forums, for the intrigued.