psx.jpg Daniel Cook of the Lost Garden weblog has previously got plenty of kudos for his uber-detailed Nintendogs critique, among others, and his latest opus is an extremely detailed analysis of convergence and video games. Cook explains in his intro: "We are entering the mythical land of game consoles as convergence devices... The dream of big media conglomerates and technologists seems to finally be coming to fruition. Just imagine: a single box that does everything... Yet most attempts at forcing convergence of disparate devices fails. A few geeks buy into the hype, but consumers tend to ignore mutants like PSX and other technological monstrosities."

Probably one of the best take-aways: "So when you heard Microsoft and Sony marketoids blathering on about super technology and cool things you can do with the convergence of all media, you are right to dismiss it as hot air. They are simply filling time until a developer creates a great product that uses their platform." Right? Cynical? Dead wrong? Opinions welcome.