diyg.jpg A recent longform interview over at indie game website TIGSource has that site's editor, Derek Yu, chatting with long-time indie advocate Greg Micek of DIYGames about his history reviewing and covering independent games, and just why his Mini (license plate DIY INDI!) burst into flames quite so spectacularly.

Micek is particularly hopeful when looking at the future of independent gaming, commenting: "It’s changed in the sense that the overall quality of the titles have increased, even the clones are better for the most part. It seems like titles are less likely to be cancelled, but that might just be that developers are less open about products that are early in their life cycle. Indie gaming as a whole has started to creep its way to more and more gamers, which has broadened the audience. Back then it seemed like it was mostly developers and starry at-home moms playing the games. These days the gamers represent a much richer spectrum of the game playing public, in my opinion at least." Amen to that.