nsx.jpg Via uber-blog Joystiq, a link to a clip from the BBC's Top Gear' TV show [.WMV] featuring the ever-grunting Jeremy Clarkson, who compared driving a Honda NSX in Polyphony's Gran Turismo 4 to driving an NSX on the same course in real life, California's Laguna Seca.

Can Clarkson match the 1 minute 41 seconds he achieved on the PlayStation 2 game at the actual course? You'll need to watch the video from the popular UK TV show to find out, but a Joystiq commenter points to a similar article on Edmunds.com in which a Ford GT was put through its paces, both virtually on GT4 and at Laguna Seca. The Edmunds author sensibly points out "...the single biggest difference between reality and virtual reality — consequences. A mistake on Gran Turismo 4 costs me nothing more than a bad lap time. A mistake with a real exotic car on a real racetrack is…a bit more costly." Too right.