TnT01.jpgIf the prayers of Australia's White Knight Games are answered, its upcoming PC title Timothy and Titus: Saints, Martyrs, Heroes will improve the spirit of gaming with its "Christian Gameplay Paradigm." Unlike most video games, Timothy and Titus espouses core Christian values and features non-violent game play-- developer White Knight Games has even pledged 10% of its T&T profits to reduce poverty in the Philippines.

Based loosely on Saints Timothy and Titus, gamers help the pius pair spread the Christian Gospel from Crete and Epheus to the perilous lands of Rome, enlightening drunken pagans, but presumably steering clear of ravenous lions. While White Knights' intentions are pure, it remains to be seen if their Paradigm will provide compelling enough game-play to convert non-believers aged 8 to 15. T&T is set to explode in Easter, 2006.