chaosreins.jpg The GOAT Store, the website 'famed' for its selling of obscure homebrew hardware and games, including titles such as the DDR-ish Feet Of Fury and the just-shipping Cool Herders for Dreamcast, has announced that it is now stocking the Jaguar ChaosReins rotary controller.

As the site explains: "Tempest 2000 on the Jaguar was meant to be played with a rotary controller, but Atari never released one. This was a blessing in disguise as it meant that third party companies have been picking up the slack, and they have done a job much better than Atari would've. At the top of the list of companies that is making controllers is ChaosReins... [which created] a standard controller for the Atari Jaguar modified with a detentless mechanical rotary encoder from CTS, is extremely accurate and easy to use." The controller is available from GOAT Store for just $59.90 - a perfect present for the Jeff Minter fan this Xmas?