alba.jpg If you were over at GameSpot's G.A.M.E. event in San Francisco last weekend, you might have found a mini-DVD in your freebie bag toting Albatross18: Realms of Pangya, a PC MMO golf game which looks a little (or a lot) like Hot Shots Golf, and has already found cult success online in the West, via Asian Beta-playing users. Interestingly, as is hot in Asia, the game's revenue model is item-based, with players participating for free, and paying for "many premium items, including characters and caddies."

Well, RPG Vault has followed up with an interview with Albatross18's creators at Ntreev, now that the game "is in the process of being adapted for the North American market, where it will be available through regional provider GameFactory." There's also some fun translated retro-love from creative director Jack Liu: "I can remember playing the original Golf on the NES back in 1984, despite the fact that I was an eight year old who had no understanding of the actual game of golf, nor any interest to play, watch or talk about it. There was just something mesmerizing about the video version - choosing the right tool for the distance, judging wind, avoiding hazards, and finally hearing the sweet sound of the ball sinking into the cup. Kerplunk. Ahhhh, so satisfying." Aw. Anyhow, Albatross18 is well worth a look, especially for cute golf game fans.