byte.jpg The perceptive fellow GSW blogger GeekOnStun has spotted NCSX's summary of Byte Hell 2000 for the PSP, the Wario Ware-esque microgame compilation that just debuted in Japan.

As NCSX explains: "Before the madcap mini-games of Byte Hell 2000, musician Pierre Taki and musical collaborator Hideyuki Tanaka had other projects. The two are equal parts in the VJ team known as Prince Tongha and Taki is also part of techno band Denki Groove with partner Takkyu Ishino... With Byte Hell 2000, Pierre and Hideyuki test their video and musical sensibilities with mini-games that exhibit the spirit and verve of their video project known as "30 Minutes Around the World."" Definitely one of the most interesting PSP releases for a while, even if they did remove the psychotic Mario/Luigi bits - hope it comes to the West.