brady.gif Sometimes you don't need a lot of allegedly witty banter to make your point with a weblog post. This post, about the launch of Mobliss' Brady Bunch Kung Fu mobile phone game, is one of those times. We'll let the press release speak for itself:

"'We created Brady Bunch Kung Fu because we wanted to build a mobile game with instant play appeal,' said Paul Handelman, vice president of publishing at Mobliss. 'As we began to combine the well-recognized Brady characters with awe-inspiring martial arts skills, we knew we had a hit game that could be enjoyed by all mobile audiences. After all, who doesn’t want to see Marcia get even for that unfortunate football-to-the-nose incident?'"

Shall we continue? "Developed and published by Mobliss, the graphically rich action/adventure game pits easy-to-control Brady characters against one another as they battle their way through the multilevel storyline. Each character has a unique fight style and special attack moves, ranging from Jan’s pom-pom wielding “Flying Cheerleader” to Greg’s dancing “Disco Finger Punch.”" Enough, already.