guero.jpg You may have heard that the Sony PSP plays other things than video games, in the form of UMD movies. And apparently, this now includes Beck's Guero UMD special edition, which includes all the audio tracks from the 8-bit retro game-ish influenced album, special video art by D-Fuse for each track, and seven music videos. And in GameSetWatch's first ever competition, thanks to Beck & friends, we have a copy of the Guero UMD to give away, if you can answer the following question:

"Which UK collective directed the video game-like music video for Beck's E-Pro from the Guero album?"

Please send your answer, alongside your name and snail-mail address to [email protected] by Monday January 2, 2006, and then we'll randomly pick the winner from our email folder of death - death, we tell you!