another_world.jpg Edge Online has posted another of its excellent FAQ mini-interviews, and this time it's with Eric Chahi, the creator of "the seminal adventure Another World", and the "troubled" but intriguing Heart Of Darkness.

Chahi is especially compelling when discussing the problems inherent in today's game industry, echoing Warren Spector's recent comments by suggesting: "I'm afraid it’ll be many, many more years before creators and publishers take more responsibility with game ethics. I'm not talking about the un-nuanced politically correct from whom video games bear the brunt, but simply of an underlying ideology. People talk often of violence in games, but that’s not the problem. It’s truly the way a subject is approached, and what is communicated to players that must be considered." But on the plus side, Chahi espresses admiration for "People who try and make things evolve. It can be anyone from established people like Peter Molyneux, Keita Takahashi, or small independent developers who create and publish outside the mainstream." Not all is lost, it seems.