amped-3.jpg Probably one of the least remarked-upon Xbox 360 launch titles has been 2K/Indie Built's Amped 3, the latest in the former Microsoft franchise acquired by Take-Two when it bought Indie Built back in late 2004. The snowboarding action itself, according to many reviewers, is relatively pedestrian.

However, the official Amped 3 site gives a hint as to the title's 'unique' differentiator, which isn't even shown in any of the official screenshots - insanely goofy/crazed GUI and cut-scene presentation, as showcased in this WMV trailer. The ever-lyrical Tom Bramwell at Eurogamer describes it best: "Amped 3's presentation is basically a diabolical fusion of Music Television and hallucinogenic interpretations of surfer culture. Think of how Tony Hawk's Underground suddenly decided it wanted to be Jackass, and multiply that by stop-motion cut-scene skits with plastic toys, "Hotties of Amped 3" load-screen graphics, self-referential Strong Bad-inspired "cut-scenes are rubbish" interludes and six other mountains of superfluity..."

So... not so good? Well, the GameSpy folks vote for "nauseating bastardization", but the TeamXbox guys actually kinda like it, and the GameSetWatch editors were initially intrigued, like crows and shiny metal objects. Overall - hey, at least it's different?