train.jpg Artist Dan Paladin, aka Synj, is a pretty talented guy, having done all of the art direction and character design for The Behemoth's absolutely awesome Alien Hominid (go buy their game/figurine pack, just reduced to $39, and support indie gaming, wontcha?)

In any case, Dan recently released the cute mini-Flash game 'Trainrobber' on his website, made by him and a couple of friends, and it's lots of fun - pick up moneybags being dropped off a train and avoid the sheriff, and you can even play as Alien Hominid himself, as well as some other pretty curious characters. If you like that, don't forget Dad 'N Me, a more fully-featured Paladin-art Flash game in association with Behemoth-er Tom Fulp that's a big hit over at the Newgrounds motherland, and an entry into this year's IGF. Woo.