aotb.jpg Two new(ish) trailers have been released by different companies, pointed out to me by Omegadog on the MMC. First up, there's a trailer for Age of the Beast (PC, DC, PS2, likely GP2X, Xbox). This is from Team Senile, who created Beats of Rage. AotB is a new game (and engine) created to be portable like the first, but with greater flexibility, and with a much wider array of abilities. Check the FAQ for more details on that aspect.

Next, there's EerieVale, a very long in development Jaguar game, which is now also coming to Windows, Linux, Mac, and naturally the Dreamcast. It's a D-like game (CG horror point and click) developed in Germany by a young fellow named Lars Hannig. Looks like the game's getting much nearer to completion - check the goofy trailer in the downloads section. Don't sit on that toilet!