cherry.jpg Over at indie game developer weblog Inverted Castle, there's an informative post about Team Shanghai Alice, the Japanese 'dojin' PC game developers renowned for games such as Perfect Cherry Blossom, which explains more about the developer's latest title.

The post notes: "[Zun's] newest game, Shoot the Bullet, takes things in a completely different direction. Unlike every other vertical-scrolling shooter, you have no gun; your only weapon is a camera. 'Buzzing' charges it up, and you take pictures with it to either clear the bullet hell around you, or damage the enemy. Every picture you take of the enemy is 'tacked' to the game's border, and once you take a set number the enemy is defeated. The game is still in development, so only a gameplay video exists so far, but playable demos are available for all of his other games here." Neat stuff indeed - the Shanghai Alice fansite Shrine Maiden has lots more good info.