ilb.jpg CNET News' John Borland has posted a profile of novelist turned ARG creator Sean Stewart, one of the key personnel at 4orty 2wo Entertainment, creators of The Beast, Ilovebees, Last Call Poker, et al. (Incidentally, 42's site now has case study info for MSNFound, probably the least virally successful of their campaigns, but still interesting.)

A particularly lyrical part of Borland's well-written piece discusses Stewart's partnership with Elan Lee and Jordan Weisman in fashioning the success of the company: "What Stewart has done is give this young genre its most distinctive voice: literate, infused with a noirish poetry, and rich in the character typically lost in conventional video games. "We all three have a background in game design, but all three of us are even more committed to eliciting an emotional response," Stewart said. "The things that make us happiest are the moments of real emotion, where the story grabs you.""