dillo.jpg Via the excellent RedKeyRedDoor, a pointer to a new weblog called '3DO Interactive Multiplayer', which has apparently been set up specifically to... document and chat about Trip Hawkins' failed early '90s 'franchisable console'? Wow.

Some of the recent blog highlights include a review of Iron Angel of Apocalypse 2 ("Yeah, OK. Well, mmmm. "Better". Certainly better than Iron Angel of Apocalypse 1."), and even in-depth coverage of, uhh, Cyberdillo ("Cyberdillo is wrong. Badly wrong. The one redeeming factor about Cyberdillo is that it is rare. Thankfully."). Apparently '3D0 Kid' is going to cover all the games eventually, and, though he's bat country insano for trying, this is a seriously readable blog. Come back, Trip, all is unforgiven.