darwinia.jpg Our sister website, Gamasutra, has full details on the 2006 Independent Games Festival finalists, as follows:

"Following a record total of 118 entries, competition was especially fierce, but the forty IGF judges, picked from mainstream and indie game creation and journalism circles, have singled out... the finalists for this year's $20,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize include Introversion's cult action-strategy title Darwinia, Ankama's French strategy-RPG MMO Dofus, Grubby Games' fiendish puzzle platform game Professor Fizzwizzle, Digital Eel's innovative 'short' space exploration title Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space, and Pocketwatch Games' ecosystem-building title Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa."

It continues: "Also notable are the finalists for the Innovation In Game Design award, which include the aforementioned Darwinia alongside block-stacking fighter Rumble Box, single-button game Strange Attractors, time-bending platform title Braid, and story-led adventure The Witch's Yarn." There's more info and a full finalist listing at the official IGF website - many, many good indie games included.