vf5.jpg The insano Sega acolytes over at UK-headquartered website Kikizo sneaked over to document the Virtua Fighter 5 arcade playtest that happened at Tokyo's Club Sega last weekend, and professed themselves extremely impressed with the Lindbergh-based arcade title, as yet officially unconfirmed for next-gen consoles.

Particularly interesting, apart from the extremely pleasant graphics, is the complex online networking for the arcade title: Kikizo explains of the expanded VF.tv service: "What this service provides is an ongoing service that will be in every arcade in Japan. Each arcade will have at least one VF.tv monitor, which will show battle replays of matches (complete with full audio commentary!), advertisements, and player rankings." Sounds pretty smart - watch for the final version of Virtua Fighter 5 in Japanese arcades in April 2006.