uhr.jpg Over at Voodoo Extreme (part of the IGN/Fox conspiracy, Mulder!), they've posted a synopsis with screencaps of last night's CSI: Miami U.S. television episode, 'Urban Hellraisers', which, yes, uses the GTA/violent game furore for a 'plucked from the headlines' one-hour whodunnit.

Of course, this includes such delights as (spoiler alert!): "Caine & co. arrive to discover that the GM has "gamed himself to death" by playing for 70 hours straight", and: "Turns out [the culprit] was the head of the publishing company that distributed Urban Hell Raisers and orchestrated the crime spree to help create buzz and sell more copies of the game", though the VE3D guys argue: "It certainly wasn't a Hollywood-fuelled tirade against the games industry despite being full of stereotypes and opinions of violent titles." Fair enough, then?