tokyo-access.jpg The guys over at NextGen Productions have announced the release of the 'Tokyo Access' DVD, an official CESA-approved look at the Tokyo Game Show 2005. The single DVD, featuring nearly 3 hours of footage, and including an exclusive Peter Moore interview and other notable CESA-arranged interviews, retails for $12.95, and is apparently available via GameStop stores in the U.S., as well as via popular Asian retailer Lik-Sang.

The company's previous releases have included multi-DVD E3 documentaries, but this DVD promises, alongside all the sights and sounds of TGS, "bonus features including retro gaming in Japan, Two Ji live at TGS, interviews with developers and publishers, Hi-Def content and more." Rumors that 'Tokyo Access' includes certain Insert Credit-related co-editors of this blog waxing lyrical on Tokyo's game stores are yet to be confirmed - but could be dangerously true.