cenix.jpg The incredibly generic-monikered TechEBlog has details on Cenix's GMP M-6 Korean gaming handheld, with which it is apparently "looking to take on the PSP in [South] Korea". According to the site: "This system features a MiniSD Card Slot, 2″ Widescreen TFT-LCD Display, and FM Tuner", and a couple of built-in games, with '50,000' more downloadable via the web (Java? Flash? Text adventures? Who knows.)

Other vital statistics? "The GMP-M6 measures 90 x 13 x 45.5 mm and weighs just 55g. Fully charged, the system gets approx. 6 hours of video/game play, and 20 hours of music playback on its 3.7V Li-polymer battery. A 1GB model which comes in either black or white will cost $193 USD." It looks a little on the teeny side, and without lots of dedicated game software support, it's probably not going to blow the market away, but heck, it's another novelty geek item to file next to the apparently ultra-buggy GP2X, right?