lazer.jpg For those of you who don't know Super Furry Animals, let's sum up - psychedelic Welsh pop group, once got Sir Paul McCartney to eat celery in time to their music, not as famous in the States as they should be.

But let's add to that list - commissioned excellent video game-related music video [.MOV] for their song 'Lazer Beam', directed by Aurelien and Florian Marrel, and imagining the band starring in their own side-scrolling arcade brawler. Points to note - the Final Fight-style overlay map, and the Metal Slug vs. Moonwalker type 'gameplay', as people are forced to dance by the sheer power of the SFA's sonic weapons. Oh, and now we want to play the 'Lazer Beam' game, and it doesn't exist, damn you all to hell. [Via RobotWisdom.]