sonyg.jpg The excellent Hall Of Light database of Commodore Amiga games, one of the single best-cataloged and annotated single-format info projects around, has now built up a significant list of Amiga promotional games, and some of the title in question, extremely early advergames to a tee, are fascinating.

While some of these mainly German titles, such as a Nestle promo game, Tricky-Quiky-Games, there's also The Sony Game, in which you play some kind of diseased Walkman, and even the suitably pan-global Pepsi: All Over The World. Even more interesting, the German Federal Press Office produced Der Rasende Reporter, and, although screenshots are sadly missing, there's Come Together (Around The World), a promotional game for Peter Stuyvesant Cigarettes - that's right, kids, come together to play games and smoke cigarettes - around the world.