mkarcade.jpg 1UP was good enough to make the trip down to what we presume is Golfland in Sunnyvale, a little while back, and they came back with a preview and videos of Mario Kart Arcade GP, the Namco-developed arcade iteration of the classic Nintendo series, which includes cameras to take photos of participants and attach their faces to the karts, and even Pac-Man-inspired bonus track areas.

Matt Leone semi-laments: "The data cards are gone, the teenage photo booth crowd doesn't really exist over here, and the hardcore racing fans seem to be pretty well occupied by the Initial D games. It all explains the 'limited quantities' Namco mentioned in the press release when it announced the game for the U.S. market." However, Jeremy Parish definitely likes the cut of the game's jib, noting it's the "best-looking Mario Kart ever", and commenting: "Namco's interpretation of Mario Kart is dramatically different than anything that fans might be used to. The feel is definitely more arcade-like than other MK titles (which seems reasonable enough, considering). " Go, Mario, go!