msr.jpg Everyone can try them out on Tuesday, but last week, GameTunnel's Russell Carroll commented on some indie Xbox 360 Live Arcade titles that were playable at the 2005 IndieGamesCon in Portland, Oregon.

Of particular interest was Pom Pom's supremely psychedelic Mutant Storm Reloaded, of which Russell raved: "Seeing the game in motion was even more amazing...or was that nauseating?" Mm, the power of the Yak is strong in those ones. But the other titles, including a switched-up controls version of IGF winner Wik & The Fable Of Souls, plus a much enhanced iteration of the oft-ignored Outpost Kaloki, look equally smart, and Carroll concluded brightly: "In the end the Xbox 360 has the potential to be a big win for indie game developers and I hope it will help further increase the awareness of some of the many great indie titles available." Amen to that.