kojima.jpg You may have heard, a few weeks back, that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima had opened an English-language version of his weblog. Well, although the Japanese blog has posts as recent as two days ago, the fan-made translations are still catching up, and are currently up to October 12th, encompassing some striking new entries.

Notably, the October 7th entry, as surprisingly long (1800+ words) and detailed as earlier ones, provides an interesting look into Kojima's worries as he works on Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PlayStation 3: "Our work method will be difficult to preserve when we move to the next generation consoles. Physical forms and facial expressions will need to appear in-game exactly as they appear in reality. We will need to rely upon one single actor for our four main ingredients: facial model and texture, motion acting, facial expressions, and vocal performance. I'll also need to worry more about the adaptation from a Japanese language version into English. Facial and vocal expressions always differ between the two."

But more than that, Kojima seems almost frenzied over the state of the world, and strangely at odds with someone who obsesses over military details in his games: "Terrorism and civil wars consume us. Blood and lunacy overwhelm human order. We court the ideals of national and emotional security when we should concern ourselves with political and personal inner peace. We don't work toward nuclear disarmament and anti-war diplomacy; we fetishize emergency responsiveness. Does anyone consider the panorama that exists beyond the blinders of "our personal futures"? Who can claim a personal future without creating society's future in the process?" Time to tune in and drop out, perhaps?