greg.jpg Sister site Gamasutra has a short write-up on Twin Galaxies' "Legends of the Golden Age: A Tribal Gathering of the Greatest Video Game Superstars of the 1980s", to be held in Humble, TX, the weekend of December 2-4, 2005. The Twin Galaxies website has more information on the '80s arcade game legends turning up, but alongside Pac-Man and former Pole Position champs making an appearance, the event reveals: "Greg Sakundiak of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who held many world records on classic arcade games during the 80s, but retired from gaming to pursue a career in professional arm wrestling, will also be present."

But where can we find out more on this button-pressing pumped-up God of a man? Well, Greg originally held the Twin Cobra world record, 1,900,450, set on 5/15/86, but more recently, participated in the 2001 Canadian Armwrestling Championships page, which has action photos of Sakundiak (on the right) placing second in the 'Men 60kg' category. Wanna bet he's preternaturally good at Track & Field?