danica.jpg Extremely entertaining EverQuest II weblog (yes, this is a real statement!) Aggro Me has been poking around the more obscure voice actors used for the multitude of speaking characters in the game, which also includes Christopher Lee and Heather Graham as top-line voice talent.

Among the more interesting in the massive list? Well, there's Mindy Sterling, who, of course, "played Frau Farbissina from the Austin Powers films", and assays Oracle Ulinara, Darmen Sproutmore, and Merchant Novak, among others, in EQII. Heck, there's even Mae Whitman playing Lilly Ironforge, and Mr. Aggro points out: "If you're an Arrested Development fan, you may be interested to know that Mae played Anne Veal, George Michael's very religous girlfriend." As for The Wonder Years' all growed up Danica McKellar punching up Lolla Cotgrove? Say no more, say no more.